Summer 2023

Featured Articles

  • Khushi Kapoor

    Cleared For Liftoff

    Khushi Kapoor reaches new altitudes with innovation


  • Lauren Gifford, San Francisco artist

    A Colorful Journey

    San Francisco muralist, and painter, Lauren Gifford, infuses her work with bright hues, relatable subjects

  • Colin Hurd, ISU agriculture

    Steady at The Wheel

    Finding practical solutions to agriculture’s big issues

  • Todd Snyder Portrait

    Spirited Classics

    Crafting spirited classics, labor-saving tech, and fresh designs to unite and inspire. Time-honored design and values drive Todd Snyder 

  • ISUAA Clubs map

    The Club Connection

    Pockets of Cyclones who live and work in cities across the United States and around the globe are tied together with threads of cardinal and gold. ISU Alumni Association clubs foster and grow the connection. Friendships feed their forever-true pride. 


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