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Gosh, I remember reading the Iowa Stater newspaper cover to cover in the early 1980s. Maybe because it reminded me of the Iowa State Daily? At the ripe age of 70, I find articles on current student life and academics to be unrelatable. Not to say that the advancements and successes aren’t grasped and appreciated by me.
But when the articles mention buildings that didn’t exist, majors and classes that have drastically changed – just the way things generally are on campus, 40 years later – I realize that I could be reading about the Iowa City, or Manhattan, Kansas, or Western Illinois campuses and student life. No doubt those who live within driving distance of Ames and visit at least yearly probably don’t have this difficulty. I look forward to the next chapter of Iowa State publications as the banner returns to Iowa Stater. Whatever the format and function, I know that it will be an excellent publication – and I will find something to draw my interest.



Land of Enchantment

I am sure I am not the first to write, but on page 14 of the current VISIONS, Los Alamos is not in Nevada, but in New Mexico! Nonetheless, does not detract overly from an amazing story. My father, Harry J. Svec (PhD '50 chemistry), was a young chemistry grad student when Frank Spedding recruited him to work on the secret project during WWII. Harry joined the Atomic Energy Commission at ISU in 1950 after complet­ing his PhD under Spedding. His thesis project? Building the first two mass spectrometers at Iowa State.


Editor's note: Kathy Svec was indeed not the first, or only, to point out this error, but she may have been the most gracious. Thank you, Kathy, and thanks to all our members who pointed out the error. 

Members Only

I'm reading my latest VISIONS magazine and, for the life of me, can't figure out what the *, **, etc. mean behind the names pre­sented in the magazine. My writer, editor, proofreader background has me looking for footnotes to explain, but I'm at a loss for what I'm sure is a simple explanation. Thank you for answering this silly ques­tion and putting my mind at ease!

('87 ENGLISH) 

Editor's note: The *,** in VISIONS honored membership status (annual, life, etc.). Membership recognition of those featured in Iowa Stater can be found on page 47. 

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