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Swans Lancelot and Elaine swim on Lake LaVerne.

What happens to Iowa State’s swans Lancelot and Elaine during the brisk Iowa winter?

Lake LaVerne’s snow-colored residents are naturally equipped to withstand cold temperatures. But even with that caveat, since 1995, ISU has used an aeration system to keep portions of the lake from freezing so the swans can swim, and provided supplemental feed to nourish them throughout the winter. One of the female swans who made up half of the iconic duo died of natural causes in June 2022 and the other has retired after homecoming this fall taking up residence in a nearby private pond. Faculty, staff, and consultants are carefully studying the lake’s condition in preparation for the return of a new pair of swans following any needed improvements.

I have heard so many good things about ISUAA LegaCY Camp. My grandchildren are interested in attending. When is the next one and how do I get my family registered? 

LegaCY Camp, tailored to children ages 7 to 14 and their grandparents or extended family members, is the perfect way to show your young Cyclone a day in the life of an Iowa State student! Learn about various majors on campus through interactive tours, hands-on activities, and field trips with ISU faculty, staff, and students.

LegaCY Camp 2023 will be July 20–21 and registration is available at

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