A Tradition of Service

Cyclones Everywhere: Greetings

Image by ISU Special Collections and University Archives 

ISU Class of 1872

Iowa State Agricultural College and Model Farm Class of 1872, ISU’s first graduating class

Dear Members: 

Thanks for being a member of the Iowa State University Alumni Association! We see you, we hear you, and we appreciate your partnership.

The first association members—26 to be exact—date back to 1878. They represented the first graduating class (1872) of Iowa Agricultural College and Model Farm (now Iowa State University). Dues were $1.

Today, your association, with more than 42,000 members, is the second largest dues-paying association in the Big12 conference. But we’re not in it for the numbers. We’re in it to serve you, current and future students, and to help advance Iowa State University.

Our members tell us they join for five specific reasons: 

  • To express their love for and pride in Iowa State
  • To help us broadly share news and opportunities for engagement
  • To partake in the benefits (especially the magazine, wall calendar, and local and national discounts) 
  • To further connect and engage with other Iowa Staters
  • To keep their family’s Iowa State legacy intact

As you know, we made a substantial change to one of your benefits as VISIONS magazine transitioned to Iowa Stater. To date, feedback on the name change, intent, and content has been positive. Expressions like “thanks for maintaining the high-quality writing and photography” to “great seeing this stronger partnership and collaboration among the association, university, and foundation.” Others like the shorter stories, increased variety of voices, and continuing commitment to diversity. If your opinions differ or you express the same sentiments, let us hear from you. Our goal, ultimately, is to better serve you and Iowa State.

In addition to membership, here are a few other ways you can financially support the work of the association:

  • Donate to the foundation and earmark your gift to the association
  • Become an annual sustaining donor 
  • Buy a plaque for yourself, family member, or friend, especially a veteran, on the Wall of Alumni and Friends
  • Carry the association’s Bank of America credit card
  • See if you have the best insurance rate by having our Farmers’ representative provide you a price comparison
  • Attend or support the gala programs in Des Moines and Kansas City

We appreciate all the ways you show your support – thanks for allowing us to serve you! 

Jeff Johnson, PhD ‘14 
Talbot Endowed President and CEO

Jeff Johnson Sig